2024 Tasmanian State Election Policy Tracker: Food Security

Improve food security and nutrition through expanded access to emergency food relief and initiatives to increase community food resilience.

  • 27%

    Increase in the number of households experiencing food insecurity in the past year. Source: Foodbank (2023), Hunger Report 2023

TasCOSS’s election asks:

  • Increased and sustainable funding for the School Lunch Program.
  • Review the level of demand for emergency food relief and fund the investment required to support emergency food relief agencies to meet demand.
  • Legislate minimum dietary standards for food relief.

The information in the table below is gleaned from candidate and party responses and policy announcements during the campaign. Neither the Liberal or Labor parties chose to formerly respond to TasCOSS’s election platform, however we conducted our own analysis of their publicly available policies. Our election tracker is provided as a guide to inform members, and we encourage you to undertake your own research on candidate and party policy positions. All candidate and party responses received are available in full here:

PartyHeadline Announcement(s)Source/Further Information
Funding the School Lunch ProgramLiberal — $14.6 million to double school lunches program to 60 schools, including upgrades to school kitchens, canteens and additional staff

Labor — Free school lunches at every government primary school by 2030

Greens — Provide funding to assist public schools to deliver breakfast programs

Kristie Johnston — Supports expansion and ongoing funding for the School Lunches Program

David O’Byrne — Supports an increase in funding the School Lunches Program

JLN — School lunches should be free or subsidised

Tamar Cordover — Supports a fully-funded school food program
Liberal policy 
Labor policy 

Greens policy
JLN election website 

TasCOSS election platform responses
Increased investment in food relief to meet demandLiberal — $1 million increase to emergency food relief funding, $200,000 to develop a Food Relief to Resilience strategy, $5 million for capital upgrades and $720,000 for statewide food vans

Labor — $1 million for emergency food relief and review of Food Relief to Resilience Strategy and action plan, and funding for the Loaves and Fishes Food Procurement and Social Wholesaler Project

Greens — $3 million per year for food relief programs, $2 million for five food hubs and $1.75 million per year for Neighborhood Houses Tasmania (NHT) to support food security programs

Kristie Johnston — Supports a review of emergency food relief and increased funding to meet demand

David O’Byrne — Supports an increase in funding and overhaul of emergency food relief

Sue Hickey — Supports measures to improve food security

Tamar Cordover — Supports measures to improve food security
Liberal policy 

Labor policy

Greens policy

TasCOSS election platform responses
Legislate minimum dietary standards for food reliefLiberal — No commitment announced

Labor — No commitment announced

Greens — No commitment announced

Kristie Johnston — Supports legislating for minimum dietary standards for food relief

Tamar Cordover — Supports legislating for minimum dietary standards for food relief
TasCOSS election platform responses
LAST UPDATED: 12noon, Wednesday 20 March 2024

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