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Consultation & Reporting

Youth Justice Blueprint

We believe Tasmania is well positioned to lead the country in criminal justice reform and, in this case, implementing evidence-based and innovative youth justice reform. As one of the smallest jurisdictions, we can draw upon the very best of our local research, such as that of former Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin,…
Consultation & Reporting

Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Regulations 2023 and Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (Risk Assessment) Order 2023

TasCOSS strongly supports measures to promote the rights of people who may be vulnerable within institutions, including children and Tasmanians with disability. However, we are unclear the expansion of the current regulatory framework in relation to Working with Vulnerable People checks will have any significant positive impact on vulnerable Tasmanians.…
Consultation & Reporting

Metro Tasmania: Accessibility and Inclusion Plan Consultation

Across the state, Tasmanians have spoken to us about the importance of affordable, accessible and reliable public transport in order to access services, employment, education and recreation. An effective public bus service is crucial for a healthy, vibrant and productive community. Making Metro travel more inclusive will remove barriers to greater…
Consultation & Reporting

Open Letter of Support for the Police Offences Amendment (Begging Repeal) Bill 2023

Criminalising begging is criminalising poverty. By abolishing the criminalisation of begging, we pave the way for a more compassionate societal approach, safeguarding the rights of individuals to seek assistance without fear of legal repercussion. It has been more than four and a half years since the Tasmanian Government announced that…
Consultation & Reporting

Youth Jobs Strategy

As the peak body for community service organisations in Tasmania, TasCOSS works alongside several community organisations supporting Tasmanian young people and their families. Our work developing The Good Life project highlighted the negative impacts of insecure work and unemployment, as well as the benefits of stable, ongoing work in maintaining…