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Consultation & Reporting

Draft Long-Term Plan for Healthcare in Tasmania 2040

Tasmanians continue to experience poorer health outcomes than Australians in other jurisdictions. Whilst we support many of the proposed measures in the Draft Long-Term Plan for Healthcare in Tasmania 2040, TasCOSS remains concerned there is insufficient focus on health promotion and the prevention of physical/mental ill health. TasCOSS also believe the…
Children & Youth

Joint Statement on use of Personal Mobility Devices on Footpaths

With the introduction of e-scooter and other personal mobility devices (PMDs) hiring in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, organisations representing the rights and interests of people with disability, young children and older Tasmanians have consistently expressed concerns about their effect on pedestrians.
Consultation & Reporting

Inquiry into Tasmanian Experiences of Gender Bias in Healthcare

The reality is not everyone has the same access to quality health services or to engage in activities which promote good health. Gender bias in healthcare is one example of how certain populations may struggle to receive the treatment they need for various reasons, which can include biases within the medical…
Children & Youth

Inquiry into Tasmanian Adult Imprisonment and Youth Detention Matters

TasCOSS’s principal position is that the current criminal justice and imprisonment model is failing our communities. We believe the Tasmanian Government must recognise and address some of the factors which are contributing to growing imprisonment rates — particularly the rates of prisoners on remand — and implement measures to respond more therapeutically…
Consultation & Reporting

Tasmania’s Draft Climate Change Action Plan (2023-25)

TasCOSS's priority is to ensure that the transition to a low carbon future is fast, fair and inclusive. This can be achieved through greater action and investment to support households to reduce emissions, together with ongoing, coordinated partnerships with the community services industry to support all Tasmanians to mitigate and adapt…