COVID-19 Response Project

COVID-19 caused significant shifts to the way we work and required the community services industry to adapt service delivery models and work practices to ensure we could continue to deliver critical services to Tasmanians.

Funded by the Department of Communities, the Community Services COVID-19 Response Project explores what has been learnt from this period. The project will identify and promote practical recommendations to ensure the industry is sustainably supported and funded for future crises.

This will help to ensure our industry has the necessary foundation to ensure we are resilient and prepared to respond and adapt to the ongoing challenges of COVID, as well as other potential future shocks.

As an industry, we are well placed to reflect and ensure that even in the face of new disruptions we can continue to deliver responsive and connected services and ensure Tasmanians can get the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

The project team conducted a literature review which examines the broad impacts and lessons of the emergency response. The review identifies three overarching, interrelated categories of impact and opportunity;

  • Service delivery (and continuity)
  • Workforce
  • Financial.

  • A Scenario Planning Workshop – Brilliance in Resilience:
    • TasCOSS hosted a full-day practical workshop using scenario planning exercises to prompt industry leaders and government to reflect on their experiences of responding to COVID and identify strengths, gaps and collaboration opportunities that may emerge through potential future crises.
    • The workshop was co-designed and facilitated by disaster planning and organisational culture expert, Dr Christine Owen Christine Owen.
    • 40 participants from 26 different organisations across Tasmania attended the event in Campbell Town

I really enjoyed the practical approach and the chance to chat and collaborate with others in the community sector. It made me feel connected and a valued part of this community, my voice was heard and I appreciate the opportunities to share and learn from others.”

  • Engagement with community service organisations:
    • The project team are conducting ongoing consultation with the community services industry to identify gaps and issues, round out the picture and identify and test resources and solutions.
    • We also welcome any outreach with questions, information, case studies or feedback. You can email Laurel Cuff, Project and Policy officer at