Become a TasCOSS Member

TasCOSS Member Benefits:

  • A Strong Voice to Government

    TasCOSS provides strong advocacy for state legislative reform that makes a real, lasting difference and provides oversight of Tasmanian Government governance and processes.
  • Harness our Policy Expertise

    TasCOSS Members receive analysis and in-depth commentary about Tasmanian Government policy and budgets, as well as the opportunity to proactively engage in our advocacy and policy work through our newly created Member Policy Networks.
  • Tap into a Wealth of Knowledge

    TasCOSS Members receive access to our extensive online Resources Library, which features research, analysis, submissions and reviews.
  • Exclusive Access to Training and Events

    TasCOSS Members receive access to member-exclusive events, innovative programs and networking opportunities as well as discounts to workshops and training.
Join TasCOSS and challenge and change Tasmania!

TasCOSS works with our members to support our state’s strong community services industry workforce. By joining TasCOSS, you are joining a diverse group of citizens who stand up for equality, brave leadership and our shared humanity.

There are three types of TasCOSS Membership:

  • Individual Membership: For individuals who work directly in/with the community services industry.
  • Organisational Membership: For organisations/peak bodies working in/with the community services industry.
  • Associate Membership: For government bodies, politicians, consultants and general supporters. Associate Membership may be offered to organisations and individuals who fall outside the definition. Associate Members are not eligible to vote.

How to become a TasCOSS Member:

If you work for a TasCOSS Member Organisation, you are already entitled to all the benefits of TasCOSS membership via your employer. If you are an individual or represent an organisation that wishes to join us, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the TasCOSS Membership online application form below.
  2. The TasCOSS Board will review your application at its next meeting and you will be notified of the outcome.
  3. If successful, you will receive your TasCOSS Member website login and link to create your organisation/individual profile. You will also be prompted to pay your TasCOSS Membership fees.
  4. You’re officially a TasCOSS Member. Share in the many TasCOSS Member benefits!

NB: You won’t be asked to pay TasCOSS Membership fees until your application is approved. TasCOSS Membership is annual, commencing 1 July each financial year. Membership fees are adjusted for those joining part way though the Financial Year. Find out more about TasCOSS Membership fees.