Tasmanian State Election 2024

LAST UPDATED: 2pm, Friday 23 February 2024

A Tasmanian State Election has been called for Saturday 23 March 2024 and campaigning in now in full swing.

This election comes at a pivotal juncture in our state’s history. Tasmanians who have been skipping meals, missing medical appointments and going into debt to afford rent, energy and other essential, are telling us they can’t take the hits any longer.

“It’s surviving, not living,” said one focus group member.

Irrespective of who forms government in the next Parliament, Tasmanians expect so much more than glossy documents and one-off, band-aid solutions. We need all parties and candidates to think big with ambitious policy, grounded in evidence, which address the long-term, structural causes of poverty and inequality, and thereby enables thousands more Tasmanians to participate in employment, education and training, social and caring activities.

TasCOSS’s Tasmanian State Election 2024 Election Priorities (PDF, 3.24MB) focusses on policy solutions and investments that address the immediate cost of living pressures Tasmanians are grappling with and ensure a well-resourced community services industry that can meet increasing levels of need and complexity in the community. These asks, if adopted, will also build our resilience to future challenges, our capacity to participate and thrive, and lay the foundations for improving our health and wellbeing.

Tasmanians need a government which doesn’t take close enough for good enough, or is content with the fact that 50,000 Tasmanian households are living energy poverty or a 27% increase in the number of households experiencing food insecurity in the past year, or a record number of Tasmanians in housing stress and waiting for a place to call home. This is the opportunity for change.

We will be seeking written endorsement/responses to our election platform from all parties and candidates, which will be made available on the this webpage.

We also encourage you to check out our dedicated policy trackers to see how the major parties announcements and spending commitments measure up against TasCOSS’s election priorities in the following key areas:

TasCOSS will also be hosting a interactive election forum for TasCOSS Members with representatives from the major political parties on Wednesday 13 March 2024 in Hobart (with the ability to join remotely). More information will be available shortly.

Resources and Assistance with Election Advocacy
TasCOSS has prepared an Advocacy Toolkit for Organisations and Individuals (PDF, 132KB) tailored to the Tasmanian State Election 2024. This resource covers off on a range of lobbying activities you can engage in individually or on behalf of your organisation to influence candidates and political parties. 

We also invite you to share your organisation’s election platform/key asks with us. You can do this by emailing comms@tascoss.org.au. It is our hope this will lead to opportunities for shared advocacy in the lead up to election day.

Stay Up-to-Date throughout the Election Campaign
In the lead up to election day, we’ll keep you up-to-date via email and through our social media channels (FacebookLinkedInX). To ensure you receive all of our campaign updates, please subscribe to our mailing list and bookmark the TasCOSS Tasmanian State Election 2024 webpage.

If you’ve got election-related resources, news or events you’d like us to share on social media or in our member communiques, please let us know by emailing us.

Check your Enrolment Details and Changes to Voting Requirements
It is important that you are correctly enrolled to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). You can check and update your details or enrol to vote online. Enrolment and voting are compulsory. 

Tasmania has five (5) electoral divisions: BassBraddonClarkFranklin and Lyons. For each division, seven (7) members will be elected to serve a term of office of up to four (4) years.

A new awareness campaign has also been developed by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) to remind electors that they now need to number at least seven (7) boxes when they vote in the upcoming Tasmanian State Election. This is because the number of members in the Tasmanian House of Assembly is increasing from 25 to 35, with each division increasing from five (5) members to seven (7). Find out more and view the campaign video.

The key dates for the election are:

  • 6pm, Wednesday 21 February 2024: Issue of the writs, close of enrolment, and candidate nominations open
  • 12noon, Thursday 29 February 2024: Candidate nominations close                       
  • 12noon, Friday 1 March 2024: Announcement of nominations
  • 8:30am, Monday 4 March 2024: Early voting commences
  • 4pm, Friday 15 March 2024: Postal vote applications close
  • 8am-6pm, Saturday 23 March 2024: Polling day

We seek your input as we finalise our election platform. We have developed a short, two (2) minute TasCOSS Member priorities survey, which will assist us to hone our election asks. Complete the short survey.

The community services industry possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what it takes to support Tasmanians, and it is important that your voices are reflected in our advocacy. Given the short election campaign period, we’d appreciate if you could please complete the survey by 5pm, Tuesday 20 February 2024. If you would prefer to respond via email or provide your feedback over the phone, please contact Lucinda Szczypior, Director Communications, on (03) 6169 9507 or email Lucinda.

It is our intention to provide the election platform to all parties and candidates and seek their endorsement/response in writing. These responses will be made available on the TasCOSS Tasmanian State Election 2024 webpage and sent to TasCOSS Members for their consideration.

We also invite you to share your organisation’s election platform/key asks with us. You can do this by emailing comms@tascoss.org.au. It is our hope this will lead to opportunities for shared advocacy in the lead up to election day.