2024 Tasmanian State Election Policy Tracker: Industry Sustainability

Ensure Tasmanians have the support they need, when they need it, by investing in Tasmania’s community services industry.

  • $2.7 billion

    Contributed by the community services industry to the Tasmanian economy each year. Source: National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (2021)

TasCOSS’s election asks:

  • Introduce an indexation formula of 70% WPI:30% CPI, plus the superannuation guarantee, commencing in 2024/25 Financial Year.
  • Introduce five year funding contracts by 2025.
  • Invest $320,000 per year for five years in Tasmanian community service directory, FindHelpTAS.
  • Support the strategic priorities of the Community Services Industry Plan (2021-31) over the Forward Estimates.^

^ Current priority is workforce. TasCOSS proposes to recruit a Workforce Convenor to work with all industry sectors to design targeted demand, supply and/or bridging interventions to address critical workforce needs.

The information in the table below is gleaned from candidate and party responses and policy announcements during the campaign. Neither the Liberal or Labor parties chose to formerly respond to TasCOSS’s election platform, however we conducted our own analysis of their publicly available policies. Our election tracker is provided as a guide to inform members, and we encourage you to undertake your own research on candidate and party policy positions. All candidate and party responses received are available in full here:

PartyHeadline Announcement(s)Source/Further Information
Community services indexationLiberal — Cutting $7.35 million from community services funding by reducing indexation from the current 4% to 3.5% next financial year, and 3% for the following three years

Labor — Maintaining indexation at 4% for one year while it completes a review of funding and a framework for community service organsiations

Greens — Have shown support for an increase in indexation to promote industry sustainability

Kristie Johnston — Supports an indexation formula as proposed by TasCOSS

David O’Byrne — Supports greater certainty in community services investment in line with the TasCOSS funding and indexation suggestion

Sue Hickey — Supports sustainable and guaranteed peak body funding under a five year model

Tamar Cordover — Supports introduction of longer and more responsive funding
Labor policy

TasCOSS election platform responses
Five year contractsLiberal — Five year contracts on a rolling basis as the current contract expires, commencing from the 2024/25 Tasmanian Budget

Labor — Five year funding models and outcomes-based funding

Greens — Supports sustainable funding arrangements

Kristie Johnston — Supports the introduction of five year funding contracts by 2025
Liberal policy

TasCOSS 2024 Tasmanian State Election: Community Services Industry Forum

TasCOSS election platform response
Funding FindHelpTASLiberal — No commitment announced

Labor — No commitment announced

Greens — No commitment announced

Kristie Johnston — Supports investing $320,000 per year to develop and promote Tasmania’s community services directory
TasCOSS election platform response
Supporting the Community Services Industry Plan (2021-31)Liberal — No commitment announced

Labor — No commitment announced

Greens — No commitment announced

Kristie Johnston — Supports the strategic priorities of the Industry Plan

Tamar Cordover — Supports the Industry Plan strategic priorities
TasCOSS election platform responses
LAST UPDATED: 12noon, Wednesday 20 March 2024

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