For an organisation to work towards its purpose, it must have clear goals and timeframes within which to achieve them. Without a sound understanding of your organisation’s resources, as evidenced by the Trump Organisation in the 1990s, it is very hard to succeed and the end result can be catastrophic.

In this episode, Bridget and Cameron delve into Principle 6 of the AICD Not-for-profit Governance Principles. They are joined by Chair of the Tasmanian Community Fund and Non-Executive Director of both TasWater and TasPorts, Sally Darke, to examine best practice around measuring and reporting on financial and non-financial outcomes.

A full episode transcript is now available online.

Episode Guide:

  • 0:37 — Overview of Principle 6: Performance
  • 7:16 — Interview with Sally Darke about the importance of measuring if an organisation is meeting its purpose
  • 21:52 — Wrap-up