S01E05: Conduct and Compliance

What can the long, drawn-out case of Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency (NSA) teach us about governance? In this episode, Bridget and Cameron explore how conduct and compliance, as outlined in Principle 9 of the AICD Not-for-profit Governance Principles, could have helped the NSA to create a culture of reporting and discussing issues.

They are joined by the Chief Executive Officer of Hobart based disability service Nexus Inc and seasoned board member, Mark Jessop, to interrogate conduct and compliance through a not-for-profit lens.

Episode Guide:

  • 0:42 — Overview of Principle 9: Conduct and Compliance
  • 6:01 — Interview with Mark Jessop about what boards need to consider around conduct and compliance
  • 26:46 — Wrap-up