S01E04: Purpose and Strategy

Did you know Kodak invented the digital camera but it was the digital camera itself that would put the giant company out of business? The likely reason behind Kodak’s downfall can be found by taking a closer look at its purpose and strategy. As outlined in Principle 1 of the AICD Not-for-profit Governance Principles, an organisation’s purpose must be clear and there must be a strategy that sets out how that purpose will be achieved.

In this episode, Bridget and Cameron are joined by the General Manager of Tasmanian Leaders and experienced board member, Angela Driver, to unpack what went wrong with Kodak and discuss how purpose and strategy could have saved the photography behemoth.

Episode Guide:

  • 0:40 — Overview of Principle 1: Purpose and Strategy
  • 5:38 — Interview with Angela Driver about how vital purpose and strategy are for the survival of an organisation in a rapidly changing world
  • 19:12 — Wrap-up