S01 (Special): Governance in a Crisis

Want to know what it takes to be an effective board member? Trying to get across what your role entails? Looking for same examples of what good governance looks like though a crisis?

In the debut episode of the Take Me To Your Board (TMTYB) podcast your hosts Bridget Delaney and Cameron Allen explore the best options for not-for-profit organisations dealing with the current crisis.

They are joined by Principal Consultant at Marketing Solutions, Georgie Ibbott, who also serves as Chair of the Volunteering Tasmania Board.

A full episode transcript is now available online.

Episode Guide:

  • 0:43 — Overview of the fundamental governance basics
  • 3:37 — Interview with Georgie Ibbott about what good governance looks like through a crisis
  • 29:57 — Wrap-up