Migrant Talent Connector

Migrant Talent Connector Inc. (MT Connector) is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on initiating the potential of Tasmania’s multicultural community by enhancing their skills and experience then actively connecting individual migrants to meaningful employment and/or entrepreneurship opportunities.

Through collaboration with existing resource providers such as the Migrant Resource Centre, CatholicCare, Job Hubs and Multicultural Council of Tasmania, MT Connector aims to ongoingly fill any gaps in gaining employment and business support that arise for individual migrants to Tasmania.

MT Connector was inspired by the 2020 Multicultural Economic Participation Forum (MEPF), a community initiative that hosted workshops to proactively inquire into future job roles and future business opportunities for people living in Tasmania. The Forum aimed to explore possible solutions to any mismatches between the available skills of people and the needs of the local job market. Feedback provided by participants and presenters indicated a demand existed for a sustainable platform of this nature for migrants and employers, therefore, MT Connector was launched in 2021. We are a small team of passionate professionals who see all migrants who move to live in Tasmania as having great individual potential to enhance the skill base and, therefore, our overall economy, of each community they work and reside in. Given the best opportunities, migrants can and will play a significant part in making our island a more dynamic and inclusive. We consider that sensitively exploring this talent pool can increase the cross-cultural understanding of all Tasmanians.

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