Colony 47 Inc

Supporting Tasmanians to be healthy, housed, learning, employed and empowered.

Colony 47 is committed to creating positive change in our community by addressing the barriers to housing, education and employment that are faced by people in our community, and providing them with safe, fit for purpose and affordable housing and support networks.

We are working to create transformative, positive and impactful change for young people, their friends, family and the community.

We are committed to ensuring that nobody is left behind and that young people are supported to achieve their goals in life.

We work to achieve tangible, positive change by working with young people and those at risk of homelessness, from the early intervention stage through to crisis support and everything in between.

We are independent and support people from all walks of life. We work collaboratively with a range of other organisations to ensure that people are supported.

Colony 47’s vision is to create a thriving, connected, inclusive and diverse community where there are opportunities for every Tasmanian to have a good life.

Our purpose as an organisation is to have an increasingly positive impact in our community by investing in Tasmanian to achieve their goals in life.  Colony 47 is an independent, proudly Tasmanian social enterprise.

We are community owned and operated and our services are independent of faith and belief systems and open are accessible to everyone.

From our pioneering beginnings in 1973 until today, Colony 47 has been at the forefront of identifying and addressing the complex needs of socially isolated and vulnerable Tasmanians.

We know from experience and research that whilst the roots of disadvantage run deep in our community our role is to support individuals and families to take opportunities that lead to better lives.

Colony 47 is the lead agency for Housing Connect in southern Tasmania and works collaboratively with many other service and housing providers to put the keys in the hands of people who are seeking access to social and affordable housing.

Colony 47 is also one of the largest providers of integrated youth services in Southern Tasmania.

To meet the needs of young people, Colony 47 works at a state and national level to provide innovative services that help young people to access housing and education, develop vocational and life skills, find employment and build meaningful family relationships.

Colony 47 employs over 120 Tasmanians and is supported in its work by over 130 volunteers. Our annual turnover is between $14 million and $15 million.

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