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The Advanced Preventive Care (APC) program is based on one that has been running overseas for over 2 decades and has been modified to suit Australian context. Health Quality Partners describe the APC as;

Advanced Preventive Care is a system that enables health care providers, specially trained nurses, participants, and families to work together as a team to keep participants healthy. Advanced Preventive Care allows a participant’s team to catch problems early, manage existing chronic and acute conditions, and improve overall quality of life by preventing complications and other negative health outcomes. The heart of Advanced Preventive Care is combining care coordination, disease management, and personalized preventative interventions in long-term, data-driven, and highly reliable programs.

Our system of Advanced Preventive Care for chronically ill, older adults integrates dozens of protocols to support the monitoring, assessments, and preventive interventions needed to help achieve these goals. It also strongly emphasizes participant and family health education, lifestyle behavior change, medication management, self-management coaching, nutrition, and physical activity. In a randomized controlled trial, this system was proven to save lives, reduce hospitalizations, and decrease health care costs

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