Mersey Community Care Association Inc

In 1971, a group of people in the Devonport community, led by Dr John Tooth, became aware of the need for a structure, through which gaps in the health and welfare services, then available to the community, could be addressed.

As a result, the Mersey Leven Welfare Planning Association was established as a voluntary organisation. The aims of the Association were the identification of needs within the community for welfare services and the initiation of action designed to meet those needs.

In 1979 the Association changed its name to Mersey Community Care Association Inc., or more commonly known as MCCA.

Mersey Community Care Association (MCCA) is funded under the Commonwealth Home Support Program and the State Home and Community Care Program.

From humble beginnings, Mersey Community Care has, today, developed a reputation as a provider of choice and continues to offer quality home-care support services to enhance the lives of many frail, older persons, younger people with a disability and their carers, living along the North West Coast of Tasmania.

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