Launceston Community Legal Centre

We aspire to promote social justice and empower our community by improving access to the legal system. We do this by providing free legal assistance, support, and information to all members of our community.

Areas of practice

We are a ‘generalist’ legal service, providing legal advice and assistance across various areas of law. We also offer the following specialist services;

  • Civil Law;
  • Disability Discrimination;
  • Welfare Rights Advocacy;
  • Family Law;
  • Employment law

In times of high demand, due to limited resources, priority will be given to:

  • People in “priority groups”
  • People who are currently experiencing “financial hardship”

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday from 8.00am to 4.30pm, and 8am to 1.30pm on Friday. We also provide an after-hours clinic on Wednesdays, by appointment, between 5.30pm to 7pm.

Legal Literacy Volunteer Program

Trained local volunteers work with local clients in their own communities to address issues before they require legal advice or intervention. This will often involve assisting clients to complete and understand government or other documents. Our volunteers are trained to recognise legal need and refer clients to additional services, when necessary, which leads to early intervention in many cases. Volunteers are stationed at venues ranging from the local Neighbourhood House, Community/Medical Centre to major hospitals, Centrelink offices and Libraries Tasmania sites. There are no eligibility requirements to access assistance from a legal literacy volunteer. Simply contact our office to find out where your nearest volunteer is stationed.

Contact Details