Engender Equality

Engender Equality (formerly SHE) is a state-wide not-for-profit organisation that supports people affected by family and domestic violence in Tasmania.

Primarily a therapeutic counselling services we offer short, medium and long term counselling to people impacted by family violence.


We also partner with organisations to deliver a range of services.


We acknowledge that family violence is complex and that it includes a broad range of behaviours that are sometimes not recognised as violence. We also know that people are affected by violence in different ways. Due to multiple forms of oppression we commit to an intersectional and lifespan understanding of the impacts of family violence. 

A dynamic, evolving organisation, Engender Equality’s philosophies, practice and resources are based around lived experience and grounded in research. Our progressive approach, combined with three decades of skills, knowledge and hands-on involvement gives us an edge in the pursuit of gender equality in Tasmania. 

Engender Equality maintains that the best opportunity for supporting change and achieving goals is created when people we serve are positioned as experts in their experience and at the very centre of the organisation. 

Accordingly, our service philosophy is built on the following positions:  

  • Family violence is a human rights violation.
  • Family violence involves abuse of power and is predominantly directed towards women by men.
  • Violence is unacceptable within interpersonal relationships.
  • Women, gender diverse and non-binary people, and children have the right to safety wherever they live.  
  • Family violence and abuse is a reflection of the inequities between men and other genders in this society and does not occur as a result of poor impulse or anger control.   
  • People who use violence are responsible for their violence and should always be held accountable.
  • It is the collective responsibility of society to prevent violence and to change systems that perpetuate violence. 
  • Legal sanctions are part of the response to family violence.