The George Town Neighbourhood House

George Town Neighbourhood House affectionately known in the local community as ‘The Hood’ serves as a point for people from all over the area to connect and engage within the community.

Neighbourhood Houses are special because they are run to help the local community.

Neighbourhood Houses have special atmosphere. They are places of welcome, where anyone can come to make new friends, participate in community life and share learnings.

Neighbourhood Houses differ from one another; however they all encourage personal growth, self help and knowledge sharing. They work together in informal and formal partnerships with other community organisations, enriching the quality of life for community members.

George Town Neighbourhood House actively works to redress the structural disadvantage in the George Town Municipality through our philosophy, principles and practices. In order to achieve our purpose, we work to the following objectives:

  • Support Disadvantaged people and their families

  • Relieve Suffering and Distress

  • Respond to Community Imploration

  • Build Supportive and Resilient Community