Launceston Volunteers For Community

In 1976, the Kings Meadows Community Health Centre opened with its main objective being to provide support to the community. Shortly after, a Ladies’ Auxiliary was established, and they quickly identified the need for respite care, child care and transport for children living with disability, and companionship for the elderly. The Service grew and, in 1991, the Voluntary Support Service became known as Launceston VFC Services.

Currently, LVFC has 4 community cars, 70 volunteers, 4 FTE paid staff, and provides a range of services to approximately 400 clients in the greater Launceston area. Services are offered on a need basis. Launceston VFC Services Inc. supports and fosters independence of all clients. All services are offered with the understanding that resources may not always be available. Needs are assessed and prioritised and then a “Care Plan” is developed.

Our Services:


Launceston VFC Services Inc. offers community transport services to assist clients with remaining independent and accessing health and wellness activities:

The Community Cars can assist with the following:

  • Attending doctor, specialist, hospital, podiatry, dentist and other health related appointments
  • Visiting family and friends; social outings, day to day living e.g.: hairdressers, shopping library etc.

Bookings for transport should be made at least 48 hours prior to the day of travel. All bookings are subject to availability and resources.

Lawn Mowing

Our Home Maintenance services are provide to assist with maintaining a safe and habitable environment.

Properties will be assessed/discussed to ensure they meet our eligibility.

Grass clippings will be placed in an area designated by the client.

Home Maintenance service is provided on a four to six weekly basis and is subject to weather and the availability of volunteers.

Social Support

Social Support is provided to assist clients who are requiring support to remain living independently in the Community.

The support of a volunteer increases social contact and is a stimulating and rewarding experience for both clients and volunteers.

A Social Support volunteer can assist you with your shopping, paying bills, collect chemist items, dog walking and other day to day tasks.