South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation

SETAC was established in response to community concerns and needs expressed through a community development projects..

Based in Cygnet, Tasmania, SETAC is a strong and vibrant part of the local community governed by an elected Board and incorporated under the Corporation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Inland Act 2006 (CATSI Act).

SETAC  began from humble, even hesitant beginnings, around 1991. SETAC grew out of a need to “look after our old fellows”. SETAC assists and supports those who are elderly or disabled and of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent.

Early meetings identified the need for the Aboriginal people in South East Tasmania to come together and develop stronger ties among themselves and the wider community.

“A desire to pass on knowledge and information is important for the Indigenous people of this region – it helps to maintain our cultural identity, for us to be the story tellers and keepers of our history.” Local Indigenous people wanted to connect with each other, talk and share that cultural identity, so that it would not be lost to the next generations.

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