Response to Government Youth Justice Taskforce and Expert Panel announcement

TasCOSS CEO, Ms Adrienne Picone, said TasCOSS has long advocated for significant reform to better support Tasmanian families and children.

“We know this reform will not meet the needs of our communities without collaboration with the Tasmanian community services industry, who already know and work with many of the children who are within — or at risk of being involved in — the criminal legal system,” Ms Picone said.

“Tasmanian community organisations are committed to taking urgent action to support our children and this includes collaborating with the Tasmanian Government on the implementation of these much-needed reforms.

“We look forward to more detail about the Expert Panel announced today by the Tasmanian Government — in particular, we urge the Government to include key stakeholders from the community services industry in recognition of their longstanding experience working with children and families.”