2024 Tasmanian State Election provisional results

The provisional election result, which indicates a shift away from the major parties and a expanded crossbench, is indicative of a failure of the major parties to adequately address the real issues that matter to Tasmanians, those being cost of living, health and housing.

TasCOSS CEO, Ms Adrienne Picone, said the provisional election result, whereby no side is likely to form majority, is a wake-up call for the major parties.

“The voting trends demonstrate the two major parties are out of sync with the real issues that matter to Tasmanians,” Ms Picone said.

“It is disappointing the key issues of concern to Tasmanians we speak too, namely cost of living, housing and health, were not adequately addressed.

“A key takeaway from this initial result is the adversarial approach to politics is a thing of the past, and people quite rightly expect their government to work across the chamber to reflect the views of the community.

“In due course, we look forward to working with the incoming government to provide immediate cost of living relief to Tasmanians and to address the systematic issues that create poverty, disadvantage and exclusion.”