Colony 47 join call to secure investment in Tasmania's essential community services industry

In the face of surging community demand, TasCOSS have joined with Colony 47 to call on all political aspirants to commit to increasing investment in the state’s community services industry to ensure Tasmanians can get the support they need, when they need it.

TasCOSS CEO, Ms Adrienne Picone, said inadequate investment in essential community services is resulting in more Tasmanians being turned away from life-saving services, such as crisis accommodation, mental health support, or food relief.

“Organisations are doing their best with limited resources, but the funding shortfall is having real impacts on the quality and quantity of services available to Tasmanians in need,” Ms Picone said.

“TasCOSS and our members seek commitments from the major parties to adequately invest in our industry to ensure its ongoing sustainability and that it can continue its crucial work of supporting Tasmanians, from the cradle to the grave.

“Colony 47’s Mara House — a supported accommodation service for young women aged 13-20 who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness — is just one example where inadequate funding is affecting Tasmanians who rely on this service.”

Colony 47 CEO, Ms Dianne Underwood, said young Tasmanians are at the forefront of the cost of living and housing crises.

“We know that youth homelessness contributes to youth unemployment and perpetuates disadvantage,” Ms Underwood said.

“We need to move beyond providing support at the point of crisis to ensure all young Tasmanians live a good life. Investing in early intervention initiatives saves money in the long-term and contributes to a stronger community overall.”

For more information and specific asks, please refer to TasCOSS’s 2024 Tasmanian State Election Priorities (PDF, 3.24MB) or the Joint Statement of 2024 Tasmanian State Election Priorities (PDF, 240KB).