In 2019, we began the process of completely redesigning and rebuilding the FindHelpTAS website based on feedback from our users over the past four years. FindHelpTAS is the largest and most up-to-date online directory of community services in Tasmania.

New features include map view, more information about services including cost and outreach services. Additionally, organisations now have the option to list their community events.

Visit the new FindHelpTAS website.

The website has been designed to work well in low or intermittent internet areas, such as regional Tasmania. FindHelpTAS also works well on mobile devices and meets the website accessibility guidelines for users with a disability.

Over 770 programs have been transferred from the old site to the new one, and it will be much easier for our listing organisations to keep their program information up-to-date.

The new site went live in November 2019, you can check it out at We will continue promoting the new site across Tasmania in 2020.

FindHelpTAS aims to provide a publicly accessible, independently managed database of Tasmania’s social services. It is for the use of the general public and to assist those working with people in our industry to access an up to date listing of available services.

FindHelpTAS is a self-funded community initiative lead by a partnership of Tasmanian community service organisations.

For information about adding a listing to FindHelpTAS, please contact site administrator Leah Cleary on (03) 6231 0755 or email Leah.

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