Election priorities which place the wellbeing of our people first and support Tasmanians now and into the future

As we hurtle towards another election, it is worth remembering that despite assurances and promises from previous governments of leading with heart and compassion, too many of the wicked, entrenched problems that have plagued our state for a generation persist, and in many cases have got worse.

TasCOSS CEO, Ms Adrienne Picone, said this election presents a critical opportunity for parties and candidates to challenge the status quo and commit to evidence-based policies that will make a material difference to the lives of Tasmanians who are trying desperately to stay afloat in a cost of living storm.

“Tasmanians we speak to who have been regularly skipping meals, missing medical appointments and going into debt to afford rent, energy and other essentials, don’t expect the world, but what they do expect is a government that is in sync with the problems they are facing,” Ms Picone said. 

“Tens of thousands of Tasmanian families have been let down by a failure to appropriately invest in addressing the drivers of poverty and inequality, which in turn has exacerbated the cost of living crisis we’re experiencing.

“Increased rental stress is not a new phenomenon, nor is poor access to health care or public transport. These are problems we’ve grappled with for too long, and it’s time for an incoming government to take responsibility.”

Ms Picone said TasCOSS’s 2024 Tasmanian State Election Priorities (PDF, 3.24MB) proposes a suite of measures that would provide Tasmanians with much-needed, targeted cost of living relief, and ensure a well-resourced community services industry that can meet increasing levels of need and complexity in the community. 

“Tasmanians don’t need band-aid measures or policy on the run, they want evidence-based solutions and policies that place the wellbeing of our people first and supports them to fully participate in our economy and community,” she said.

“In recent years, the cost of living crisis has also taken its toll on community service organisations, with greater numbers and new cohorts of people seeking support. If the industry is to continue doing the vital, frontline work we do to the high standard Tasmanians deserve, the incoming government has a responsibility to adequately resource Tasmania’s service system by modernising funding arrangements.”

TasCOSS’s six election priorities: 

  1. Reducing homelessness and providing better protections for renters.
  2. Bringing down energy costs by extending energy bill relief, improving access to the electricity concession and accelerating household energy efficiency.
  3. Improving food security and nutrition through expanded access to emergency food relief and initiatives to increase community food resilience.
  4. Improving affordability and access to public transport across Tasmania.
  5. Rapidly closing the digital divide in Tasmania and improving digital inclusion through a focus on access, affordability and digital ability.
  6. Ensuring Tasmanians have the support they need, when they need it, by investing in Tasmania’s community services industry.

For more information and specific asks, please refer to TasCOSS’s 2024 Tasmanian State Election Priorities (PDF, 3.24MB). TasCOSS has sought written endorsement/responses to our election platform from all parties and candidates, which will be made available on the TasCOSS 2024 Tasmanian State Election webpage in due course.