2024 Tasmanian State Election Outcome & Update

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission has completed the count and declared the elected candidates (35 members) following the 2024 Tasmanian State Election.

With no party able to form majority (18 seats), Premier Jeremy Rockliff has sought confidence and supply assurances from members of the crossbench (11 members) to enable the Tasmanian Liberals to govern, with the party winning 14 seats in their own right.

To-date, the Liberals have formerly entered into an agreement with the three newly elected members of the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN), with details on the deal publicly available here. Under the terms of this written agreement, the three JLN members will provide support to the Rockliff Government on supply, confidence and censure motions, as well as motions which bind the Government. Conversations with other crossbench members are still ongoing.

Last week, the Rockliff Government unveiled its new Cabinet line-up. The key leadership posts of Premier and Deputy Premier remain unchanged, with Michael Ferguson also retaining the Treasury portfolio. Following his election to the division of Franklin, Eric Abetz has been appointed to Leader of the House, with the added responsibilities of Minister for Business, Industry and Resources (which is now inclusive of the portfolio areas of science and technology), and Minister for Transport. Jane Howlett also makes a return to the Cabinet as Minister for Primary Industries and Water, and Minister for Racing.

Importantly, the key role of Minster for Community Services has shifted from Jo Palmer to Roger Jaensch, with Minister Jaensch having previously held the portfolio (then Human Services). 

On behalf of the community services industry, we’d like to thank Minister Palmer for her willingness to engage and collaborate with the industry during her time in the role. We look forward to once again working closely with Minister Jaensch to progress the range of existing and new initiatives committed to over the course of the campaign. I know from previous dealings with Minster Jaensch that improving the lives of Tasmanians is an objective we both share and together I’m excited to make good on this pledge.

Tasmanian Labor has also confirmed Dean Winter will take over from Rebecca White as Leader of the Opposition. We will be seeking a meeting with Mr Winter to better understand Labor’s priorities in the upcoming term and where we can work together to improve outcomes.

In terms of the Labor Shadow Cabinet, there has been some movement. Notably, newcomer to the House of Assembly, Josh Willie, picked up Shadow Treasurer and the newly created Cost of Living portfolio. Rebecca White has been appointed Shadow Attorney-General, with Ella Haddad moving into Health. We also have a new Shadow Minister for Community Services in Michelle O’Byrne, replacing Sarah Lovell in the role. The Tasmanian Greens have also announced portfolio responsibilities, with new MP, Cecily Rosol, stepping into Community Services.

revised Parliamentary sitting schedule has now been released, with a new date for the 2024/25 Tasmanian Budget of Thursday 12 September 2024. We’ll share more details about what the change of date means in terms of the budget community consultation process and timeline when we are made aware.

We look forward to working with the incoming government to provide immediate cost of living relief to Tasmanians and to address the systematic issues that create poverty, disadvantage and exclusion. Securing a long-term commitment to community services indexation which is reflective of the true costs of providing services also remains a key priority, and we look forward to continuing these conversations with Minister Jaensch.

We will continue to monitor the implementation of the Liberal’s election commitments (see 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future) and measures outlined in First 100 Days Plan. Key actions which are slated to commence and/or be delivered in the first 100 days, include a $250 credit on household energy bills, introducing half price bus fares, consultation on amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act to allow pets, and an expansion of the Healthy School Lunch Program. For more information on the Liberal’s election commitments, please check out our dedicated policy trackers.