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Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training Information Sessions

Cultural awareness means being aware of and developing sensitivity to cultural difference and cultural diversity. It involves knowledge, attitudes and values that demonstrate an openness and respect for other people and their cultural values and practices.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training Information Sessions

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TasCOSS 2022/23 Budget Priorities Statement: Family/Sexual Violence Policy Development and Sector Coordination

TasCOSS have put in a funding bid for $834,000 over five years to establish a family/sexual violence policy development and sector coordination mechanism for Tasmania.
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TasCOSS 2022/23 Budget Priorities Statement: Digital Consumer Reference Group

TasCOSS has proposed the creation of a Digital Consumer Reference Group to represent digital consumers and support the Tasmanian Government to deliver on its plan for digital inclusion.
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Religious Discrimination Bill and Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill

TasCOSS strongly opposes both the Religious Discrimination Bill and the proposed changes to the Marriage Act and urges the Committee to reject them. Regarding the Bill, we do not believe any amendments could produce an acceptable piece of legislation and urge the Committee to recommend the Australian Government draft a conventional discrimination bill that simply adds the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religious affiliation, belief and practice to an existing federal discrimination law, without allowing discrimination in the name of religion.
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