Working Together for 3 Year Olds (WT3)

TasCOSS continues to work as a partner on Working Together for 3 Year Olds (WT3), an initiative of the Tasmanian Department of Education, which aims to open opportunity for eligible three year old children to participate in free, quality early learning. TasCOSS has been conducting ongoing conversations with families who have enrolled in WT3-funded places to feed into the co-design of the opportunity. We have heard a great deal of enthusiasm from families about the benefits they have seen from involvement. We’ve also identified a number of barriers to continued engagement including separation anxiety for carers and children, being able to get to and from the childcare services, building connections with the community and other parents, and being able to find out about and access other services.

The co-design period has now drawn to a close, with a final workshop run by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) at the beginning of July. The Department of Education will take the findings of the co-design period to inform a plan for the staged roll-out of the initiative from 2020. Children who are currently engaged in the pilot will continue to participate in early learning until the end of the year, and TasCOSS will be having regular conversations with families to ensure their voices and experiences continue to help refine the program and ensure it is working as best it can for those in 2020 and beyond.

The Minister has announced that the initiative will commence implementation next year under an new title — Working Together (WT). WT will grow in stages, opening up 120 places per year in Year One (2020) and Year Two (2021). In addition to the existing nine pilot suburbs, a further 17 locations will be involved in 2020-21:

To find out more about the pilot and the implementation plan for 2020-21 or to register for the information sessions, visit the Tasmanian Department of Education website or contact the WT team by emaling

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Energy Advocacy

TasCOSS is well represented on the Australian Energy Regulators reference committee and has been involved in the national development of the policy.

Policy Submissions

The Policy Team produced submissions across a range of policy areas in 2018/19.

Understanding Digital Inclusion in Tasmania Report

The report was prepared by TasCOSS and funded by the Department of State Growth to inform understanding of the context, data, solutions and key characteristics of low digital inclusion, as well as the foundation knowledge and entry level capabilities required.

Rates Exemptions for Charitable Purposes

TasCOSS has been continuing our advocacy for a consistent interpretation and application of the exemption from council rates for properties owned and operated for charitable purposes.

Local Government Act Review

TasCOSS CEO Kym Goodes has worked as part of the Project Reference Group to review the legislative framework within which local government operates.