Expressions of Interest: Workforce Coalition

*** Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to join the Workforce Coalition closed at 5pm, Friday 25 February 2022. ***

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to make an EOI for the service user representative role, please contact Claudia Butler, Workforce Coordination Project Manager, directly on 0448 799 701 or via email.

Aims & Overview

The Workforce Coordination project is the first project to be funded under the Tasmanian Community Services Industry Plan (2021-31) (Industry Plan). This project is a whole of industry response to:

  • A projected shortage of 4,000 jobs within the community services industry by 2024; and
  • The need to ensure the industry has the skilled and diverse workforce necessary for the delivery of flexible and responsive services that achieve positive client outcomes.

TasCOSS is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from people interested in joining the Workforce Coalition either as a volunteer or part of their current role. There are both chair and general memberships available.

This is your opportunity to be part of a project that aims to address key challenges facing the largest industry in Tasmania and contribute to its future development. With your expertise around the table, we can make a real difference to community service organisations, people’s working lives and contribute to ensuring that all Tasmanians can live a good life.

About the Roles

As the chair or a member of the Workforce Coalition, you will be responsible for guiding and steering the development and implementation of the Workforce Coordination project. You will help to position Tasmania as a national leader in thinking, best practice and industry-led strategic workforce planning.

As a Workforce Coalition member, you will bring:

  • A passion for, and experience in, strategic workforce planning and development.
  • A strong connection to the community services industry and experience in cross-sector collaboration.
  • The skills to apply good governance to a multi-faceted project in a complex environment.
  • A strong desire to deeply understand and bring the diverse voices of a broad stakeholder group to the table and find mutual beneficial interests and solutions.
  • Skills to help build healthy working relationships and public support.

As a Workforce Coalition chair, you will additionally bring:  

  • The skills to facilitate valuable conversations and robust debates with a large and diverse group of people that lead to decisions and the creation of trusting working relationships. 
  • The ability to simultaneously create accountabilities and provide support to a project team. 
  • The skills to strategically influence decision-makers and create systemic change. 

Is this you? If so, make an EOI to join the Workforce Coalition today by filling out the online form below. To learn more about the roles, click on the breakout boxes below. 

EOIs close 5pm, Friday 25 February 2022. If you have any questions, would like to obtain more information about the service user representative role or a copy of the draft Terms of Reference, please contact Claudia Butler, Workforce Coordination Project Manager, on 0448 799 701 or email Claudia.

To find out more about the Community Services Industry Workforce Coordination Project, please click here.

Role and Responsibilities

The role of the Workforce Coalition is to position Tasmania as a national leader in thinking and best practice in strategic workforce planning and to deliver industry-led workforce projects. The Workforce Coalition is responsible for developing and implementing identified and funded projects under Strategic Priority 2 of the Industry Plan: Workforce Development and Training (the Workforce Coordination project). The Workforce Coalition will ensure that the projects are industry-led and that engagement occurs with relevant stakeholders at all levels.  

The Workforce Coalition will also convene a broad Workforce Coalition Network meeting twice a year, which will be an open invitation to all stakeholders. The Workforce Coordination Project Managers and Workforce Ready Team members will also work closely at a strategic and operational level with the varied stakeholders around each of the identified Workforce Coordination projects. 

The Workforce Coalition is accountable to the Industry Development Steering Committee. It reports quarterly to the Industry Development Steering Committee against the objectives of each of the project plans. The Industry Development Steering Committee is responsible for the whole Industry Plan. It has delegated responsibility for the development and the implementation of the Workforce Coordination project to the Workforce Coalition. The Industry Development Committee is accountable to the Industry Advisory Council which is accountable to the public. 

What you Get Back
  • The opportunity to be involved in and contribute to a project that aims to address key challenges facing the largest industry in Tasmania and have a hand in its future development.
  • The opportunity to make a real difference to community service organisations and people’s working lives, as well as supporting Tasmanians to have a good life.
  • The experience of working with and getting to know other amazing skilled and knowledgeable people.
  • The gratitude of a project team that values your collective expertise and guidance in addressing a complex challenge.
  • The experience of conducting strategic workforce planning and development as a collective for a whole industry with multiple sectors.

Frequency and Time Investment

The Workforce Coalition will convene four times a year (March, June, September and December). Proposed dates for the first year are as follows: 24 March 2022, 9 June 2022, 8 September 2022 and 1 December 2022. Please allow a half-day per meeting and another full-day for meeting preparations and follow up. Also allow for some face-to-face meetings. 

In addition to this you might also be able to attend the twice-a-year Workforce Coalition Network meetings and/or provide mentorship to the Workforce Ready Team regarding specific topics/activities. 

Membership and Remuneration

In establishing the Workforce Coordination project, we are seeking to ensure that:  

  • The ‘voices’ of the stakeholders who have a stake in the Workforce Coordination are at the table. 
  • The projects that the Workforce Coalition governs are industry-led. 
  • The Workforce Coalition is setting best practice standard in strategic workforce planning. 
  • The Workforce Coalition is a manageable size. 

Once the Workforce Coalition is established this may change. One of its first tasks will be to finalise its terms of reference.

The Coalition will comprise the following members: 

Co-Chairs (selected):

  • Strategic workforce planning specialist
  • Industry specialist

Appointed Members: 

  • Department of Communities Tasmania (1 member) 
  • Skills Tasmania (1 member) 
  • Aged & Community Services Australia, Early Childhood Australia and National Disability Services Tasmania (3 members) 

Selected Members: 

  • Community services industry peak body representation (2 members)
  • Strategic workforce planning specialists (1 member) 
  • Strategic training and development specialists (1 member) 
  • Education providers (tertiary/VET) (2 members)
  • Workforce representation (1 member)
  • Service user representation (1 member)
  • Workforce Project Manager (ex-officio*)


  • Workforce Project Manager (TasCOSS)
  • Skills Tasmania

* Ex-officio members are non-voting members. 

The service user representation member will be remunerated for their meeting attendance and meeting preparation time. All other members are expected to serve the coalition as volunteers or as part of their existing role.