Voices of Our Regions: North West and West Tasmania

Pride. Compassion. Strength. These are the key themes that rose to the top of our discussions with residents of Tasmania’s North West and Western regions.
Pride in their history, their beautiful environment, their achievements as a community. Pride in each other, their resilience and connectedness.
Compassion for those doing it as tough or tougher than themselves. And insight into the need for communities like theirs to lift all members up by coming together and finding effective solutions.
And strength. Time and again those we spoke with or who responded to our online survey in this region highlighted the connectedness of their communities—connections with each other, with family, friends, communities, with local history and their surrounding environment.
And all of this adds up to trust—in an active and actioned belief that the things that hold this region and its people together are stronger than any differences or circumstances that may try to tear them apart.
Through this project we also found ideas, solutions and a sense that things need to change and be done differently if we are to improve the lives of every community member.Pride. Compassion. Strength.
What leader wouldn’t take the time to speak, listen and learn from the people who know the North West and West best: the people who sit there, solutions in hand, eager for the support needed to change their communities for the better.

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