Transport in the Derwent Valley: Getting Where You Need To Go

With the Getting Where You Need to Go project, TasCOSS is working with the Derwent Valley community to learn how Tasmanians get around the Valley, the challenges you face, and the opportunities you see to do things differently.

The project aims to find workable solutions to get people to work or training, to health and social services, and connect with family, friends and activities.

Getting Where You Need To Go involves one-to-one conversations, public forums, and the opportunity to be part of a Transport Action Team.

The end result will be a community-driven (forgive the pun!) Transport Action Plan.

Getting Where You Need to Go enacts a collaborative framework between communities in the Derwent Valley, TasCOSS, the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), Department of Premier and Cabinet, and Department of State Growth.

It is a partnership designed to amplify community voice and support community-led change.

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