Time for Action on Child Protection

The State Government must act now on all recommendations made by the Commissioner for Children and Young People in its Out of Home Care in Tasmania report released today.

“TasCOSS commends Mr Morrissey’s proactive approach to addressing the issues that are impacting on our State’s most vulnerable children,” TasCOSS CEO Kym Goodes said.

“We are particularly encouraged by the recommended change in thinking—from a worker and client paradigm to a ‘good parent’ focus.

“For all the important work that has been undertaken in reviewing, planning and developing solutions for Child Protection, Ashley, Youth at Risk and Out of Home Care it is time for real change on the ground in the day to day lives of children and young people in care.

“Tasmanian children in care are not living better lives than they were two, three or even five years ago, and that is simply not good enough.  We are still seeing poorer outcomes for these children and young people across areas that impact on the rest of their lives.  The State is their parent, and should strive, as every parent does, to achieve the very best outcomes for each and every child in our care.

“There is not a politician, agency or department that has not acknowledged the multiple, long term issues to be solved to improve the lives of children in care.

“We need to make the necessary shift in thinking and culture to drive change now.

“Our State Government has done well to put vulnerable Tasmanians front and centre in the past two years, for example by acting decisively on Family Violence and Affordable Housing: now is the time to take immediate action in this area.

“All of Tasmania’s children deserve the best response: thoughtful action and diligent care are our responsibility.

“It is time we lived up to those responsibilities and dedicated the resources required to effect real change.

“Improvements in the care of children are a budget priority that cannot be overlooked.”

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