The courage to try new ways of doing things

TasCOSS welcomes the Government’s strong leadership in choosing to try new ways of tackling entrenched inequality in our State.

The $4.08 Million Jobs Action Package is the realisation of TasCOSS’s Budget Priorities Statement 2017/18 and the culmination of discussions with government about the issues and solutions we’ve heard voiced by people living in communities across Tasmania.

By hearing the voices of Tasmanians and coupling these insights with contemporary and emerging public policy research and evidence the Government has shown it is willing to support new and innovative ways of working with communities to change our futures for the better.

This is a great opportunity: We have a chance to make real changes in outcomes for disadvantaged Tasmanians.

We know meaningful employment, good health and education outcomes, and renewed participation of all Tasmanians both socially and economically are key drivers to real, lasting and significant change. This has a major impact for individuals, families and communities. Today’s announcement will contribute to this change for many Tasmanians.

Importantly, this announcement acknowledges that local people know their communities best, know what will make a difference, but do not always have the necessary resources to effect the change they want and need.

Government is best positioned to provide the leadership and social vision that will guide action to ensure that all Tasmanians thrive. By bringing together community, community sector and business and sharing innovative approaches and decision making on employment outcomes, we can be sure Tasmania is united and working together to reduce inequality and disadvantage.

TasCOSS looks forward to this opportunity to work with the Government, the TCCI, the community sector and Tasmanians to ensure a strong social vision and positive outcomes are achieved for our State.

Together we can challenge and change the systems, behaviours and attitudes that create poverty, inequality and exclusion and it is together that we will do the heavy lifting to get us there.