Tasmania’s Fastest Growing Industry Sector

The State Government’s Workforce Development Grant funding will assist Tasmania’s community services sector to maintain its high quality and agility according to TasCOSS CEO Kym Goodes.

“More than 10,000 Tasmanians work in the community services sector, accounting for nearly 4% of the State’s total workforce[1],” Ms Goodes said.

“This grant funding will result in a comprehensive workforce development plan that will help our sector maintain and grow its skills.

“Although community service workers often fly under the radar in our towns and cities, we are everywhere—working to enrich the lives of Tasmanians who need us.

“Across Australia, the health and community services sector is experiencing the fastest growth of any industry; the same is true in Tasmania.

“Importantly today’s funding announcement will assist our sector to continue to develop and create real job opportunities for Tasmanians.”

Ms Goodes said the community services sector was especially attractive to young people.

“Our sector’s compassionate and flexible approach to business—the way our Members generate profits through social enterprises that are fed back into helping every day Tasmanians—provides meaningful work to young Tasmanians with a wide variety of skills and training.”

Snapshot: Tasmania’s community services sector

We are a large employer of and investor in Tasmanians.

We employ 10,000 Tasmanians and contribute approximately $500 million to the Tasmanian economy through expenditure in Tasmanian communities.

  • Tasmania’s community service organisations spent $481 million in the State during 2014/15 (94% of total income)
  • 7 in every 10 staff employed on a permanent/ongoing basis.
  • 7% of paid staff employed part-time

We do a lot with our funds/budgets.

Our capacity to harness support from philanthropic and donation bases is one of many examples of the value add and value for money we bring to government. This, in turn, is value for the individuals and the community we work with.

  • 1% of organisations received income from donations and fundraising (9% of total income per org. on average)
  • 75% received income from Tasmanian Government (38.5% of total income)
  • 57% received income from the Australian Government (25% of total income)

We are Tasmanian.

We are local, specialised, niche, and closely connected by strong networks in the communities where we work.

  • Just 15.4% of organisations operate in other states and overseas
  • 1 in 5 organisations have incomes under $150,000
  • 4% of organisations employ between 1 and 5 staff

[1] UNSW State of the Sector Report 2016.