Tasmanian Sport and Active Recreation Strategy

In the Sport and Active Recreation Strategy, the Tasmanian Government acknowledges the important role sport and active recreation activities play in preventing illness and promoting good physical and mental health, as well as helping us to create and maintain strong and healthy connections with each other and our community. 

However, TasCOSS believes the Strategy needs to embed principles of access and inclusion to ensure all Tasmanians have meaningful opportunities to participate. We therefore encourage the Tasmanian Government to explore ways of expanding services and initiatives designed for the needs of particular groups, including older Tasmanians, children and youth, women and girls, people with disability and marginalised communities, such as refugees and LGBTQIA+ Tasmanians.

TasCOSS also stresses the importance of community development principles in planning and implementing projects and services and encouraging investment in programs and initiatives that are co-designed with the community, place-based and adopt the principles of universal design. These principles will help to identify underlying barriers to participation, such as access to transport or digital exclusion, from some groups in sport.

We believe the recommendations in this submission would, if implemented, ensure more Tasmanians have the opportunity of staying active, healthy and well — key dimensions of living a good life.