TasCOSS Submissions on Climate Change

While all Australians are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the impacts of climate change are and will be felt inequitably and will drive social inequality in the future. Mitigating future climate change and adaptation to ongoing climate changes are therefore social justice issues, particularly for young Tasmanians.

TasCOSS supports the recommendation that a Climate Change Action Plan be made a statutory requirement to ensure that future governments continue the current State Government’s positive steps towards a cohesive Climate Change Action Plan.

From the perspective of Tasmanians on low incomes, three key opportunities to reduce Tasmania’s emissions are:

  1. Boosting home energy efficiency,
  2. Reducing the use of wood heaters; and
  3. Reducing emission from transport.

Submission A: TasCOSS submission on the Climate Change Act

Submission B: TasCOSS submission on the Climate Action Plan Opportunities Paper