TasCOSS Response to Transport Access Policy

The final Transport Access Strategy will be a crucial document that will inform the future shape of Tasmania’s transport system for years to come.
We would like to see a final Transport Access Strategy:

  • Clearly articulate the Government’s vision for transport services in the state. Tasmanians are entitled to know the scope of the Government’s ambitions for the transport system, in the short term and into the future.
  • Clearly spell out, in its own section, the objective of the Strategy. At the moment this is only partially articulated at various points scattered across the Purpose and Policy Context sections of the draft. Drawing on the existing language of the draft, we believe this should be:
    “To improve access to transport services for all Tasmanians, particularly those disadvantaged through economic circumstances, age or disability.”
  • Lay out key principles for Tasmania’s transport system.
  • Lay out key outcomes of the Strategy.
  • Clearly articulate the relevance of the Strategy’s priority areas and actions to the other initiatives and policies referenced in the draft (currently simply enumerated).
  • Reorder/reword/reformulate the priority areas for the Strategy, which currently are not always clear and contain elements of duplication as well as gaps.

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