TasCOSS MEDIA RELEASE: Six homes down, 4,349 to go

28 February 2022

The Tasmanian Government has continued to overstate its response to the housing crisis, today announcing six new social homes and ‘record investment’ despite repeat cautions from the community services industry that should the current trajectory continue thousands of Tasmanian families languishing on the Housing Register will remain without a home. 

TasCOSS CEO Ms Adrienne Picone said the Tasmanian Government’s recent boast of delivering ‘a (social) house a day’ was woefully inadequate and will deliver only one-third of what we need.

“While every house built is a step in the right direction, the fact remains the Government is treading water when it comes to social and affordable housing,” said Ms Picone.

“A target of 3,500 new homes by 2027 simply won’t cut it. We know that based on current demand projections, we need to be building 1,000 new social houses every year for the next decade.

“To add insult to injury for Tasmanians without a safe, secure place to call home, the private rental squeeze is as bad as it has ever been.

“With rising rents and cost of living, Tasmanian families are being pushed further out of urban areas, away from transport services, family supports and employment opportunities. This is just adding to their levels of financial and mental stress.”

Ms Picone said tax relief announced for property investors has the potential to place downward pressure on rent, but questions lingered.

“Changes to land tax will give property investors a lower land tax bill. But where is the inducement to ensure this saving is passed on to renters?

“$220 million could have had a much bigger cost of living impact for Tasmanians had it been used to fund energy efficiency upgrades in private rentals and for homeowners on low incomes, rather than a tax cut for people who own more than one property.

“Energy efficiency measures could save customers an average $535 per annum on power bills, as well as making homes more healthy to live in, generating local employment, stimulating our economy and lowering emissions.

“With the House of Assembly back in session tomorrow and amid the distractions of the past few weeks, it is important the pressing issue of access to housing remains front and centre.”

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