TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement 2019/2020

TasCOSS’s Budget Priorities Statement for 2019/2020 is now available. Our Budget Priorities Statement is focused on delivering an inclusive growth strategy for Tasmania that will tackle the barriers preventing all Tasmanians from unlocking their potential.

As with all TasCOSS submissions the 2019/2020 Budget Priorities Statement was developed through year-round consultation with TasCOSS Members, Tasmanians in communities around the State and other stakeholders, research and evidence.

2021/2022 TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement: Household Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Energy is an essential service — one that is fundamental to community, family, individual health and wellbeing and overall economic activity.

2021/2022 TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement: Local People into Local Jobs

The community services industry is the largest employer and the fastest growing industry in Tasmania and at present, the industry requires an additional 4,000 jobs by 2024 just to meet escalating community need.

The courage to try new ways of doing things

The $4.08 Million Jobs Action Package is the realisation of TasCOSS’s Budget Priorities Statement 2017/18 and the culmination of discussions with government about the issues and solutions we’ve heard voiced by people living in communities across Tasmania.