Supporting Tasmanians by Supporting our Industry

The Premier’s announcement demonstrates strong leadership that puts the wellbeing of Tasmanians first and will assist to ensure we are well placed to respond to the challenges we will all face in the months ahead.

Funding announced for delivery of essential services and the response effort are indicative of a government that has listened to what the experienced people across our industry have identified as the areas of need. 

We are confident that our industry’s compassion, experience, flexibility and skills will provide strong, effective support to Tasmanians and our communities as we get through this situation together.

TasCOSS’s coordination role is focussed on ensuring community services are well placed and well resourced to support the health and safety of Tasmanians during a period of rapidly increasing demand. Our priority as an industry is to continue to deliver the most essential services to the people and places that need them most. 

More than 120,000 Tasmanians were already struggling to make ends meet before this crisis began. Now, thousands more Tasmanians are out of work and relying on community services to simply get by.

Our message is simple: we are here for you.

Tasmanian Social and Economic Support Package

Households and Individuals