Strange Bedfellows: Partnerships in the community sector

As is often the case across the country, Tasmania is at a similar and a different stage of the Industry planning journey. Today I will share with you some of the learnings and approaches we are taking in Tasmania – and equally, I know I will learn from you throughout the day to be able to apply your learnings to where we go next.

In Tasmania, TasCOSS talks a lot about the two Tasmanias ….

Let’s talk about our island. Tasmania has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Some put it down to MONA, some to the growth of cultural and wilderness tourism, or to the global demand for the top quality food and wine that comes out of Tasmania. Tasmania has changed in ways that, as a born and bred Tasmanian, I can feel and in ways that I see daily. There is a growing air of confidence and pride and this is something acknowledged by many in our state. Economists report a …

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