Stay Warm and Save Money: A Guide to Reducing Your Energy Bills

There are lots of simple ways to reduce power costs – even if you live in a rental house. While each action is small, combined they can help save hundreds of dollars on your power bills.

Every degree counts…
Every degree adds 10% to your heating bill. If the room is “toasty warm”, it should ring alarm bells.
Set your heater to the lowest comfortable temperature, this is “1 degree above being cold”.
You can do this by lowering the temperature a degree and then wait 15 minutes, and lower again until it is ”just comfortable” and set the thermostat at that temperature.
As a guide, 18-21 degrees in winter is often considered comfortable.

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This booklet was developed by Sustainable Living Tasmania and revised for the Staying Connected Project, a series of Energy Literacy workshops for front-line community services workers presented jointly by Sustainable Living Tasmania and TasCOSS.

This booklet can help you to decide which options will work best for you. Not all of these actions will suit every household and some require the approval of the property owner or made need a plumber.