Social Services Legislation Amendment (Consistent Waiting Periods for New Migrants) Bill 2021

TasCOSS opposes the Bill because it denies basic support to single parents, carers, new parents and children, without which many would have no income at all. It imperils the financial security of thousands in the middle of a pandemic which continues to affect people’s ability to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

TasCOSS estimates that approximately 1,900 families and 580 individual arrivals in Tasmania will be affected by these changes. As highlighted in ACOSS’s submission, TasCOSS expects that the vast majority of those affected will be women and children. This is because the payments targeted are paid to people who are providing care.

The Bill thus threatens to put a cohort of Tasmanian children at risk of living in deep poverty simply because their parents are migrants.