Short-Stay Accommodation: TasCOSS Submission to the Legislative Council

Tasmanians want to live in inclusive and diverse cities and towns. This will require a more targeted and strategic approach to managing population and tourism growth. Inclusive growth ensures no-one is left behind and the benefits of economic growth can be shared by all. Unfortunately, particularly in the south, but also state-wide, Tasmania is seeing many residents push out of their long term communities to make way for short-stay tourism accommodation opportunities.

Tasmania had a high waiting list for social housing prior to the current housing crisis. Tasmania had too many people who were homeless, sleeping rough or couch surfing and no permanent place to call home. The rate of population and tourism growth and the impact of this on affordable housing, including short-stay accommodation, has resulted in a major increase in the number of people who have sadly joined the housing waiting list or are forced to sleep in precarious situations. This increase cannot continue.

Regulation of the short-stay accommodation sector should be driven by the needs of Tasmanians, not of corporations, with particular focus on rental availability and affordability for low-income Tasmanians.

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