A Secure, Affordable Home for Everybody

We call on the next Federal Government to waive Tasmania’s housing debt so that we can invest in affordable housing for all Tasmanians.

Our housing system should make sure everyone has a secure, safe roof over their heads. Housing availability and affordability in Tasmania is at crisis point. Hobart is now the least affordable city in the country, Tasmania has 3,200 people on its public housing waiting list, yet every year we hand back $15 million to the Commonwealth to repay a decades-old housing debt.

These funds would allow the State Government to take measures to increase the stock of affordable rental housing, provide more social housing and increase supported accommodation for those who need it, particularly young people, older Tasmanians and people fleeing family violence.

Tasmanians Need the Next Federal Government to Deliver…

Candidate Responses to TasCOSS Federal Election Priorities

For the benefit of our Members and supporters, TasCOSS collated candidate responses to the Federal Election priorities for Tasmanians. Find out more about the policy initiatives of each candidate and/or party in response to the priority areas.

ACOSS Federal Election Policy Tracker

The ACOSS Policy Tracker has been prepared based on independent analysis of policy proposals, drawing on correspondence we have received to date, and public announcements.

Quality Health & Community Services for all in Need

TasCOSS urges the next Federal Government to ensure dental care is affordable for all by, as a first step, doubling the number of adults able to use public dental services.

Real Help to Find Employment

TasCOSS proposes that Tasmania be a trial site for a place-based, regional labour market model. A local governance body  would be established and after mapping the capitals in the community, they would commission the services required for both job seekers and employers.