Response to Draft National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 

TasCOSS welcomes the development of a National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children (2022-32). While TasCOSS and our members support various aspects of the Plan, in particular the principles underpinning it, we believe there are further priorities for action and recommend that the Plan include:

  • Specific targets and plans for how progress is to be recorded and measured.
  • Recognition of the need for multidisciplinary responses to family and gender-based violence.
  • Investment in essential services and supports.
  • Implementation of measures as recommended by specialist services.
  • A commitment to lived experience in policy and service design.
  • Investment in school-based programs that work.
  • Recognition of technological and other rapidly-changing threats to (women’s) safety.
  • Expansion of existing primary prevention programs and a greater commitment to developing and funding early intervention.
  • Detailed plans and processes for how the sector can responded to unplanned emergencies.

We must also ensure the Plan addresses the needs of Aboriginal communities, as well as recognises the particular needs of women from marginalised groups, including the funding of specialist services, and people in regional, rural and remote areas. Funding needs must be addressed as a matter of priority, including the urgent need for training and education in the legal and criminal justice systems.