Raise the Rate for Good

The continuing COVID-19 health and economic crises have led to more people than ever struggling to find paid work. For every job available in Tasmania today there are 21 job seekers.

The current rate of JobSeeker is giving thousands of Tasmanians and their families the opportunity to prioritise eating meals alongside heating their homes this winter.

We urge you join us and support the Raise the Rate for Good campaign to ensure there is a permanent increase to JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and related payments.

There will be a National Day of Action on Tuesday 14 July 2020 where hundreds of communities will join together to call on the Federal Government to raise the rate for good.

Everyone can get involved — organisations and individuals — and:

  1. Sign the online statement of support on the Raise the Rate website.
  2. Spread the message to your friends and colleagues to support the campaign — they too can sign up and show their support, share social media updates from Raise the Rate and the Australian Council of Social Service Facebook pages and use #RaiseTheRateForGood and #RaiseTheRate.
  3. Download, use and share tools from the Organisational Supporters Kit:
    • Raise the Rate for Good sign
    • Proforma letter — can be adapted for use with Federal Members of Parliament, Premiers and other key decision-makers.
    • Sample survey — for service providers or organisations that would work with people receiving JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance and related payments.
  4. Contact decision-makers to encourage them to support the Raise the Rate for Good campaign.

Use these resources to support your communication with key decision-makers, creating opinion editorial pieces, media, information to your organisation and other activities you might like to undertake.