Positive signs of a people-centred Budget

TasCOSS has welcomed the 2017/18 State Budget for putting the real, longer-term needs of Tasmanians front and centre.

“Our overall sense of this Budget is that the State Government is listening to Tasmanians and reflecting their concerns, aspirations and compassion for each other in its priorities,” CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said.

“When a government hears what the people in our communities want for our State, it opens up great opportunities for all Tasmanians, including those who struggle from day-to-day,” Ms Goodes said.

“The funds allocated to vulnerable children in out of home care (OOHC) in particular fill us with optimism that fundamental change in how we care for the most vulnerable in our communities is on the horizon: No more working at the edges of what is clearly a broken system.

“Full funding of TasCOSS’s Community Innovation and Investment Framework as part of the Jobs Action Plan creates opportunity. We look forward to working with communities to support their capacity to realise the aspirations they hold for themselves, their families, friends and neighbours.

“We are hopeful that what we are seeing enacted in this Budget is a greater balance between the policies and rhetoric that put the majority of our funds towards bricks and mortar projects and instead invest in Tasmania’s greatest asset, its people, families and children.

“For every one Tasmanian benefiting from the current economic optimism, there are still two of our fellow citizens struggling to feed and clothe themselves, keep a roof over their heads, and find meaningful work.

“The next step is for government, business and communities to work together to translate these budget commitments into real change that improves the lives of Tasmanians.

“We congratulate the State Government on putting people first in this Budget. It is the first step towards a successful and optimistic future that includes all Tasmanians.”

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TasCOSS Budget briefing presentation