Community Services Industry Peaks Network Priorities

Find out more about priorities of the the community services industry peaks network with regard to the 2021 State Election and the 2021/2022 State Budget using the drop-down menus below.

2021 State Election Priorities

Council on the Ageing Tasmania

206,435 Tasmanians are over the age of 50 years and are enrolled to vote in the 2021 State Election. This group represents 40% of the total population and around 50% of Tasmanian voting population.

Almost 20% of Tasmania’s population is over 65 years, with four local government areas (LGAs) having over 25% of the population over 65 years. Regions outside of major centres tend to have a higher proportion of the population aged over 65 years.

There is great opportunity for Tasmania to take a lead in supporting its ageing population and set a benchmark for the rest of Australia.

Things will have to be done differently and our attitudes towards ageing must change.

Tasmania has an enviable record of innovation in response to opportunities and challenges. We must design and deliver strategies that deliver more liveable communities for Tasmanians of all ages and address the current barriers to living a good life in Tasmania as we age.

Find out more about Council on the Ageing Tasmania’s 2021 State Election priorities.

Families and Children Tasmania

Families and Children Tasmania (FACT) calls upon all political parties and representatives to consider the needs of children, young people and their families when developing policy positions.

FACT calls for political parties to adopt policies that ensure:

  • Families have a place to call home and that no child is homeless.
  • Tasmania’s vulnerable children are cared for in Tasmania and not sent interstate for treatment or support.
  • Children living in Out of Home Care have their health needs, including mental health, prioritised.
  • Families have the support that they need to care for their children.
  • Kinship carers have access to the same support and resources as foster carers.

Find out more about Families and Children Tasmania’s 2021 State Election priorities.

Mental Health Council of Tasmania

Our world leading response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the commitment of all Tasmanian’s to keeping each other safe and healthy. We must now build upon this commitment to each other, and put the wellbeing of all Tasmanians first, ensuring we are all supported to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Find out more about Mental Health Council of Tasmania’s 2021 State Election priorities.

Shelter Tasmania

  1. Fund the community and public housing sector to deliver an additional 1,000 social housing dwellings per year for this four year term of government, and commit to the 10 year target of 10% of all Tasmanian dwellings to be affordable social housing.
  2. Set a timeline to strengthen, reform and modernise the Residential Tenancy Act to improve conditions in Tasmania’s rental market.
  3. Ensure that the comprehensive Tasmanian Housing Strategy (recommended by PESRAC) prioritises social and affordable rental housing and includes a housing focus in all policies approach.
  4. Commit to ongoing and sustainable funding to enable the homelessness sector to provide support, and tenancy services to meet increasing demand across Tasmania.
  5. Commit to affordable housing in all neighbourhoods, including in-fill development in established inner-city suburbs; and measures to ensure that Local Government Planning Schemes and infrastructure (power, water and sewerage) do not delay the delivery of affordable and social housing.

Find out more about Shelter Tasmania’s 2021 State Election priorities.


The 2021 State Election sees Tasmania poised at a pivotal juncture, a time when our economic and social recovery from COVID-19 hinges on decisive actions from our government.

TasCOSS challenges the next political leaders of Tasmania to recognise and address the needs of Tasmanians in shaping this future. Tasmanians have consistently told us that in order to live a good life they need to be able to afford the basics, have a healthy body and mind, and a place to call home.

This is why TasCOSS’s election priorities (PDF, 2.88MB) focus squarely on jobs, affordable housing and improved health outcomes.

TasCOSS urges all Tasmanian political parties to commit to:

  1. Meaningful, secure jobs for local people in the community services industry

Investing in the long-term sustainability of our workforce in the wake of COVID-19

  1. A secure, affordable home for all

Housing our population and reducing homelessness

  1. Accessible health care that is close to home

Bringing timely, affordable health care into communities

  1. Closing the digital divide so no one is left offline

Equipping Tasmanians with the skills and confidence to navigate the digital world

  1. Delivering lower household electricity bills

Reducing prices and investing in energy efficient homes

2021/2022 State Budget Priorities Statements

Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council Tasmania