Our Healthcare Future

Across years of consultations around the state, Tasmanians have told TasCOSS that health — physical and mental — is the most important component of a good life. Throughout our consultations, one phrase has emerged again and again: ‘health is everything.’

TasCOSS’s goal is that all Tasmanians have the support that they need to live healthy lives. In support of this goal, we have two key targets:

  • All Tasmanians can get affordable, timely, high quality, holistic, whole-of-life-oriented primary, secondary and allied health care, including for physical, mental and dental health.
  • All Tasmanians are supported to prevent ill health and to promote good health and wellbeing.

For a genuine shift to community-based care, as well as to build a modern and future-oriented healthcare system, the Tasmanian health care system needs to focus its attentions towards keeping Tasmanians from becoming severely ill in the first place. A health care system that focuses on keeping people out of acute care in hospitals and in community-level care through health promotion and prevention of ill health and disease is both a modern health care system and the health care system of the future.