TasCOSS Board

The TasCOSS Board is representative of its membership and comprises of:

  • a President,
  • a Vice President,
  • a Treasurer,
  • two Peak Body representatives,
  • two Organisation representatives,
  • two representatives outside Southern Tasmania; and
  • two Individual representatives.

No more than one employee of any TasCOSS Member organisation is eligible to be elected to the TasCOSS Board. Elections are administered by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission and held in conjunction with the TasCOSS Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Constitution of the Tasmanian Council of Social Service Inc (as approved 12 August 2019)

TasCOSS Board Members

Rodney Greene, Organisation (North/North-West)

TasCOSS Board Member

Penny Egan, Treasurer, Organisation

CEO, Cancer Council Tasmania

Lisa Coulson, Individual

North/North-West Regional Manager, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

John Stubley, Individual

CEO, Hobart City Mission

Emily Briffa, Organisation

CEO, Hamlet Inc

Connie Digolis, Vice President, Peak Body

CEO, Mental Health Council of Tasmania

Bruce Levett, Peak Body

CEO, Health Consumers Tasmania

Alexander McKenzie, President, Individual

Individual Member

Adrienne Picone, Chief Executive Officer, Public Officer

CEO, Tasmanian Council of Social Service